Jan. 4th, 2009 12:23 pm
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So months and months ago, my father and I began an epic journey to get tickets to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet in London (having failed completely to get tickets to see the play in Stratford-Upon-Avon).

After many frantic phone calls, we eventually joined the RSC as that way we could get early access to get the tickets. When the welcome pack (eventually) arrived, we managed to get tickets for 3rd January so all was good with the world.

As the end of 2008 approached, we were really starting to look forward to seeing the play with those two amazing actors in it. Then DOOOM - David Tennant injures his back and will not be performing until the last week of the run (possibly). Keeping an eye on the RSC website, it looks almost definite that we will not be seeing him playing Hamlet (and whilst the understudy's supposed to be good, he's not exactly the person we wanted to see in that role). But, hey, at least Patrick Stewart is still in it, and he's always good to watch.

03/01/09, 6:30pm - After 5 hours of walking around London we arrive at the theatre and are somewhat curious about the fact that there aren't any signs up saying that role of Hamlet will be played by Edward Bennett (the understudy) which is what normally happens when the understudy will be going on. At 7:10pm, the producer walks on to "clarify that the role of Hamlet in tonight's performance will be played by David Tennant". The whole theatre errupts in wild applause and takes a while to settle down again.

03/01/09, 11:00pm - We've watched an amazing performance of Hamlet with a really good cast. David Tennant was absolutely fantastic as Hamlet - although I don't remember laughing during a performance before :-) I can definitely recommend going to see him on stage - you will have a wonderful experience. Patrick Stewart, as always, was a joy to watch - a truly great stage actor (although this was the first time we've ever had the experience of not watching him when someone else is on stage).

Oh yeah, and the new Dr Who? I need to go dig out the programme from Swimming with Sharks and check, but if he's who I think he is, he was very good in that - it can be quite difficult for a young actor to hold his own against Christian Slater on stage but he managed it. Hopefully, that will translate well onto TV.

Right, time to stop gushing and get back to killing people on the Xbox.


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