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There is nothing nicer than being able to get up late on your birthday - especially when you've taken the day off work. I'm having a nice relaxing day, sitting on my sofa, reading books and just relaxing. Tonight I'm meeting up with my parents in Kingston for a meal and to watch Ocean's 13 (funny how that plan met with approval from my stepmother :-) ).

Tomorrow various folks should be coming over to mine for a celebration (assuming road conditions and public transport allow) which will be good. And contrary to most celebrations, I will not be consuming large quantities of alcohol - this has not been a week where that would be a good idea.
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Mine started yesterday with my parents taking me to see the last but one performance of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" at the Garrick Theatre, starring Christian Slater and Alex Kingston.  It was very, very good - Christian Slater is an amazing actor with an awful lot of energy.  Also seeing him in nothing but a pair of boxers with a rather large rocket on the front was also very enjoyable - he definitely goes to the gym a lot :-)  Having never seen the film, I couldn't tell you how his performance measured up to Jack Nicholson's but it was very good, although Alex Kingston did almost lose it big time at one point.

Prior to seeing the play, we had lunch in the park by the Embankment tube station and then wandered around Covent Garden.  We then wandered towards the theatre and decided to wander down to Trafalgar Square where we watched two jumped-up little officials telling everyone to take their feet out of the water despite there being no signs saying you couldn't put your feet in the water.  Quite what they would do with persistent offenders we weren't sure as they can't exactly ban you from Trafalgar Square.

After the play, we wandered around the south bank for a little while and eventually wound up in the bar at the Oxo Tower.  I had 2 Voodoo Childs (spiced rum and pear with all sorts of other things in it) while we chatted, watched the bar staff making the drinks (it's very impressive) and admired the view.  We then went and had dinner in the restaurant at the top of the Oxo tower.  The food was lovely (I had smoked duck's breast to start, venison for main and the chocolate plate for dessert) and as we were sitting in a window the table, the view across London was amazing.  We then had coffee out on the terrace (yay for finally getting some decent weather) and strolled back to Waterloo where we caught the last train home.  At one point we were joined by a group of guys on a stag do (either that or they always wander around London with sombrero's and panchos on).

Turns out, I managed to slightly burn myself while we were wandering around - been a while since I've done that :-)

Now to see what else happens for the rest of the week - at least I have Friday off so it's a shorter week :-)


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