My weekend

Mar. 28th, 2006 02:53 pm
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...was a strange combination of lots of fun and lots of pain (this is not a combination I enjoy).

It started with go-karting on Friday evening. One of our vendors is wanting us to buy more equipment from them so figured a freebie might persuade us. It was lots of fun, right up until I was pushed into a pillar by one of the vendor's people (not, one would have thought, the best way to persuade us to buy more from them) - who never actually apologised. At the time, I had a sore hand, base of spine and leg - but everything was numb so it didn't hurt too much.

I then went to Martin's 21st - and then spent most of the evening with the split-off group downstairs (mainly because by that point movement was becoming an interesting and pain-filled experience).

Saturday was spent wandering around Streatham looking at flats (1 nice, 2 really not) and then onto James H's party (where I showed folks one of my bruises).

The bruises I received are lovely - a massive one on the inside of my left thigh (which is now going purple and yellow), a smaller one on the inside of my thigh, a small one at the base of my spine and an expanding yellow one on the back of my hand. Basically, I'm multi-coloured at the moment. Looks lovely.


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