Jan. 8th, 2007 03:20 pm
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So today is my first day back at work after having done whatever the heck it is I have done to my elbow. (Medical opinion is divided on what I've done and I beginning to think it's a little more serious than a sprain).

My reaction to today is mainly "Owwwwww" followed by "Damn that hurts" and then "Bugger". This means I will be having a somewhat shorter day than normal (about 2 hours shorter at this rate) as I don't think driving home in the dark and wet during the rush hour is going to help much.

It also doesn't help that I can't use the mouse with my right hand for any period longer than an hour so am having to use my left hand. This is leading to some confusion (mainly my brain going "OK, I used to be left-handed, then I've been right-handed for 25 years and now I seem to be going back to being left-handed again. Huh?")

My advice is to not fracture your elbow - having a long period of time off work is nice but not being able to do much is a complete nightmare.
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So I went to the Fracture Clinic this morning to see exactly what I have to do (or not do) with my elbow.

According to the doctor (who looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but at the clinic), it's not actually a fracture (or if it is, it's so small that he can't actually see it on the x-ray) but is a really bad sprain.  So I have to keep taking the pain-killers and use the sling but I don't need to be off work for quite as long.  I can't drive the car this week but I should be able to again soon.


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