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Flat-warming/ [livejournal.com profile] d_morff's birthday on August 5th (i.e. this Saturday).

Address: 17 Wheatcroft Court, Cleeve Way, Sutton, SM1 3TT (see here for a map).

For those of you attempting to get to my flat by public transport, it's not too bad:

From Egham direction, get to Wimbledon station and then take bus 164 to Rose Hill (it's final destination is Sutton).

From Vauxhall, either get to Wimbledon station and then take bus 164 to Rose Hill OR take the Northern Line to Morden and then either take bus 154 (from stops C or G) or bus 164 (from stops B and E).

For those of you driving to the flat, I'm assuming you'll be coming from the Egham direction. See under the cut for directions.
Directions from Egham )

If you want to bring other people, please let me know first. There is some crash space available, but if you have camping mats you might want to bring them 'cause the whole flat is wood-laminate flooring :-) If you need to get hold of me, send an email to turtledisc at gmail dot com


Sep. 8th, 2005 04:29 pm
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go here for more info. I get a day off tomorrow, woohoo! Assuming, of course, I manage to get out of the office today. :-)

Party info

Sep. 5th, 2005 01:53 pm
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When: 10th September, 3pm (ish)
BYOB, BYOF and BYO breakfast

13 Sunninghill Court

Phone: 07851 727678 or 01344 626297

Map: here

Parking: Please, please, do not park in Sunninghill Court - we barely have enough space for the residents :-). Instead, please park in Upper Village Road (via Oriental Road - 3rd right as you come from the A329 and then first left) either directly behind the court (it's the long, high, brown wooden fence on the left in front of a row of 3-storey houses - if you reach the pub, you've gone too far) or in the car park past the pub. Come in through one of the gates and turn left - you'll see a security gate that needs a code entered. Text me and I'll let you know what it is (it will be changing this week or next).

Train: Go to Ascot train station (DO NOT GET OFF AT SUNNINGDALE!!!) and take a taxi - it should be about £4

Hopefully, you won't all get horrendously lost :-)
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Mine are losing their minds. At first, they didn't want me to have any friends over whilst they are away. Then I could have a few friends over. Then I could have friends over for a BBQ but only if they were all outside. Now I can have friends over, inside or outside, and my dad's bought a BBQ. A proper, gas-fired BBQ.

I'm confused (but happily going along with all this).
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My party/BBQ/gathering now has parental approval. It's taken me weeks of slowly getting them used to the idea but now they're OK with it. Well, aside from me getting told the following:

1) Don't let anyone smoke in the house. That wallpaper will hold the smoke and it costs far too much to replace
2) Be careful of the ornaments - they're expensive and impossible to get in this country
3) Be careful of the wallpaper - it's far too expensive to replace (which it is)
4) Make sure you have a bucket of water by the BBQ - just in case ('cause apparently I'm about 12)
5) Make sure everyone's inside by 10:30pm 'cause otherwise we'll disturb the neighbours (and they really won't like that) - please note that this is everyone being inside the house, not gone.

I'm sure this list is going to grow over the next couple of weeks! My responses so far have been:

1) I don't have the 2 grand it'll cost to replace [cost of material and labour to replace it 'cause I sure as hell can't do it and neither can anyone else I know unless they've been a professional painter and decorator for 30 years]
2) I know, and they'll be moved out of the way
3) See 1
4) Well, yeah. Sheesh, I'm not 12 you know.
5) Of course.


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