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Colorado (one of the biggest right-wing conservative states) has elected a Democrat as Governor and now has more Democratic representatives than Republicans.  I'm in shock

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There are times when it is absolutely fantastic to be proved right in your opinions of someone.


Colorado Springs, CO has the highest number of headquarters for evangelical Christian groups in the US. One of these is the New Life Church that was led by Reverend Ted Haggart. Having listened / read some of this guy's opinions both directly from him and through the filter of some of my colleagues, I came to the conclusion that this guy was a fairly typical leader of one of these groups - a bigoted hypocrite who was as far from the original teachings of Jesus as could possibly be imagined.

Current Situation

Turns out I was right. After preaching about the evils of gays and gay marriage and how drugs will ruin your life, turns out he's in the best position to know. Seems he's been having sex once a month with a gay masseur in Denver for the last 3 years and bought methamphetamines from him. Of course, he started out denying all of it, then admitted he had visited the guy but only for a massage and then admitted he had bought drugs from the guy but never actually taken them. Now, in a statement read out to the church in Colorado Springs after being fired for "sexually immoral conduct", he states that he's "a deceiver and a liar" and "there is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark and I've been warring against it my entire adult life".

Bet that statement's been causing some interesting comments in the LSI office in Colorado Springs (seeing as quite a few of them are members of that particular church). There are times (increasingly rare I will admit) that it's a real shame I had to leave.

Of course, the even greater hilarity in all of this is that Colorado is about to vote on whether gay marriage should be legal or not - and this guy was one of the main advocates for making it illegal.


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