Feb. 24th, 2008 08:38 pm
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Went to see Speed the Plow at the Old Vic yesterday. Considering it's only an hour and a half long without any interval, my main reaction is WOW. Watching Goldblum and Spacey on that stage was just amazing and the 90 minutes felt like 10.

Then my stepmother and I went all fannish afterwards and got their autographs :-)

My weekend

Mar. 28th, 2006 02:53 pm
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...was a strange combination of lots of fun and lots of pain (this is not a combination I enjoy).

It started with go-karting on Friday evening. One of our vendors is wanting us to buy more equipment from them so figured a freebie might persuade us. It was lots of fun, right up until I was pushed into a pillar by one of the vendor's people (not, one would have thought, the best way to persuade us to buy more from them) - who never actually apologised. At the time, I had a sore hand, base of spine and leg - but everything was numb so it didn't hurt too much.

I then went to Martin's 21st - and then spent most of the evening with the split-off group downstairs (mainly because by that point movement was becoming an interesting and pain-filled experience).

Saturday was spent wandering around Streatham looking at flats (1 nice, 2 really not) and then onto James H's party (where I showed folks one of my bruises).

The bruises I received are lovely - a massive one on the inside of my left thigh (which is now going purple and yellow), a smaller one on the inside of my thigh, a small one at the base of my spine and an expanding yellow one on the back of my hand. Basically, I'm multi-coloured at the moment. Looks lovely.


Oct. 24th, 2005 10:33 am
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BE WARNED - this turned into a long post.

This has been a mixed weekend, putting it mildly :-)

Friday )

So I'm a little stressed out by now.

Saturday )

Sunday was very quiet and lazy - I watched Shaun of the Dead - very funny film and played the Wallace & Gromit xbox game (very good actually).

Today I get to drive the civic on the M25 (and now I really don't want to give it back to the garage) and then wait to see what happens with my car. I call the garage again and speak to a right dozy cow who tells me that my car is now going to have to be taken to a Nissan dealer to be fixed. I have no idea if I'm supposed to be doing that (quite interesting when I'm 50 miles away) or if the Honda folks are doing that.

And just to make life really fun, one of the applications I'm doing stand-in support for has decided to crash so I'm waiting for the software company to tell me it's OK and I have users screaming. I also just found out that one of the people I'm filling in for has been signed out sick for another week. Oh joy.

Is it bad that I want another weekend to recover from all this?


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