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It was a little strange this year - not least 'cause I spent it with my Dad and that's only the 5th time in my entire life I've ever done that. However, there's a disturbing pattern emerging with the Christmas' I do spend with him and one that I do not wish to continue - and that is ILLNESS!!!

Work finished around 1pm on Friday (which was very nice) so I got to drive home in the light and then relax for the remainder of the day. Christmas eve we went up to London for lunch at the Grenadier and then wandered around all over the place (Leceister Square, Covent Garden, up Regent Street, down New Bond Street and then down some weird back roads round Mayfair). Got caught up in the massive traffic jam on the elevated section of the M4 caused by a car managing to flip onto it's roof. Multiple fire engines and ambulances. It didn't look good but I'm hoping people weren't seriously hurt. Christmas Day was fun - especially as my Dad came down with some kind of stomach bug so couldn't eat much. Nessa and I were fine but we had a quiet day. Some friends came over in the evening which was nice. Boxing Day, Dad was better and we went to visit some of Nessa's family and played "Scene It!" which my team won! Has to be the first time I've beaten my Dad at any type of trivia related game ever.

Tuesday I drove up to Chester - absolutely horrible traffic so took forever to get up there. Didn't help that I had to make two additional stops on the way - one to be violently ill and the next to wait for my mother to come to where I was so she could follow me to her house (just in case I needed to stop again). Got to her house where I was ill again and then went to bed for about 16 hours. Felt absolutely fine then so it looks like I had the same bug my Dad did. Yesterday went to see Narnia which was good when we eventually got in. Turns out the cinema up here can't handle large numbers of people at once (Narnia and King Kong starting at similar times is a bad idea).

Today we're lazying about and will probably go see The Producers this evening.

Then tomorrow I get to drive back down to Sunninghill and I don't have to go back to work until next Thursday.

I'm not too sure what I'm doing for New Year's Eve although there are a couple of gatherings I'm aware of that I might go to.

All in all, this wasn't a bad Christmas but it wasn't exactly a great one either!
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Yay, last day of work for almost 2 weeks! Last day for my manager ever (woohoo) - hopefully the next one will be a little less manic.

Everybody have a good Christmas and New Year, and I'll see you in 2006!


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