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Just in case you haven't seen my latest tweet/facebook status, apparently Fox are developing a US version of Torchwood. RTD and the exec producers from the UK are said to be involved and word is John Barrowman will be too. More details can be found here - I'm just not sure Fox is the right network for it - given their philosophy and past treatment of sci-fi shows!
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Time to head to the pub! Or, if you're American, get as many different guns and as much ammo as possible.
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This gave me a chuckle when I read it this morning - who the heck holds up 7-11s with a Bat'leth?


Jan. 4th, 2009 12:23 pm
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So months and months ago, my father and I began an epic journey to get tickets to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet in London (having failed completely to get tickets to see the play in Stratford-Upon-Avon).

After many frantic phone calls, we eventually joined the RSC as that way we could get early access to get the tickets. When the welcome pack (eventually) arrived, we managed to get tickets for 3rd January so all was good with the world.

As the end of 2008 approached, we were really starting to look forward to seeing the play with those two amazing actors in it. Then DOOOM - David Tennant injures his back and will not be performing until the last week of the run (possibly). Keeping an eye on the RSC website, it looks almost definite that we will not be seeing him playing Hamlet (and whilst the understudy's supposed to be good, he's not exactly the person we wanted to see in that role). But, hey, at least Patrick Stewart is still in it, and he's always good to watch.

03/01/09, 6:30pm - After 5 hours of walking around London we arrive at the theatre and are somewhat curious about the fact that there aren't any signs up saying that role of Hamlet will be played by Edward Bennett (the understudy) which is what normally happens when the understudy will be going on. At 7:10pm, the producer walks on to "clarify that the role of Hamlet in tonight's performance will be played by David Tennant". The whole theatre errupts in wild applause and takes a while to settle down again.

03/01/09, 11:00pm - We've watched an amazing performance of Hamlet with a really good cast. David Tennant was absolutely fantastic as Hamlet - although I don't remember laughing during a performance before :-) I can definitely recommend going to see him on stage - you will have a wonderful experience. Patrick Stewart, as always, was a joy to watch - a truly great stage actor (although this was the first time we've ever had the experience of not watching him when someone else is on stage).

Oh yeah, and the new Dr Who? I need to go dig out the programme from Swimming with Sharks and check, but if he's who I think he is, he was very good in that - it can be quite difficult for a young actor to hold his own against Christian Slater on stage but he managed it. Hopefully, that will translate well onto TV.

Right, time to stop gushing and get back to killing people on the Xbox.


Nov. 5th, 2008 04:32 am
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So Obama is the next President and McCain gave a very good concession speech (and sounded like the old McCain that most people liked).

And in a bizarre twist, Colorado has pretty much gone Democrat - went for Obama in the Presidential, now has 2 Democrat Senators and 5 out of 7 Representatives. Of course, the county I lived in is still resolutely Republican :-)

I'm trying to decide if I should stay up for Obama's speech - as I don't have to get up for work, I'm leaning towards doing that.

I'm also trying to work out if I have some kind of curse relating to US Presidential elections - this is the second one in a row where I've been made redundant just before it (although at least this time I'm not having to move countries as well).
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So Aspen? 'Cause that's a really good example of Colorado.

I have been up that ski lift though - except it was in the summer so no snow.
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So seeing as, so far, I've disagreed with him about Miami and am still trying to work out how he could go through Detroit and not touch on the music, I'm curious to see what he'll have to say about Colorado.
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I swear I have a black hole in this flat - 3 seasons of The West Wing appear to have disappeared and I don't remember lending them to anyone. I really hate it when this happens but hopefully they'll turn up eventually.
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So we got back from Miami on Thursday and wanted to turn right around and go back when we saw the weather.

Had a wonderful time and only got slightly burnt (on the coldest day where the temps got down to 71F/22C) whilst watching dolphins doing impressive flips and jumps :-)

Did loads of shopping but 'cause of the nice exchange rate didn't spend that much - especially for my lovely new brown leather coat.


Feb. 24th, 2008 08:38 pm
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Went to see Speed the Plow at the Old Vic yesterday. Considering it's only an hour and a half long without any interval, my main reaction is WOW. Watching Goldblum and Spacey on that stage was just amazing and the 90 minutes felt like 10.

Then my stepmother and I went all fannish afterwards and got their autographs :-)
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So I had a day yesterday - picked up a package from the post office in Sutton, then hopped on a bus to Wimbledon to get my hair done (it's now short and red - alarmingly, the code for the colour is 66.6), hopped on a train to Kingston and upgraded my phone to a Razr2, popped into the Apple store and bought a radio remote for my nano and then went into John Lewis to get a coffee maker. Then hopped onto a bus to Worcester Park and then onto another bus to get home.

So I'm getting to play with all sorts of new toys and get used to somewhat different hair. The phone is taking a while to get used to - especially when my mum sent me a text message and rather than hearing the ringtone I've assigned to her, a disembodied male electronic voice said "message from Mum".

As I've taken the day off work tomorrow (and I get to go to the dentist and get the headlight bulb in my car replaced) I'm watching the Superbowl. It's still a little weird watching this around midnight instead of mid-afternoon.

And is it bad that I'd rather go to the dentist instead of work?
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and may 2008 be better than 2007

(although from my point of view that ain't exactly hard)

So New Years' Resolutions?

Mine are:

1) New Job (where I don't wake up feeling like throwing up)

2) New friends (who actually give a shit)
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So it looks as though the squatter bloke is back - I saw him going into the flat next door on Friday night and it looks as though he's storing his stuff underneath the stairs.

It really would be nice to feel safe in my own flat.
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For anyone who hasn't heard yet go here
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Absolutely amazing gig last night - he puts on one hell of a show and his fantastic musical ability just shines through. If you ever get a chance to see him, go!
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So I went to see Transformers last night - very good film and I highly enjoyed myself (although I think I got a few more of the jokes than the rest of the audience). I was also surprised at the amount of sarcastic humour in it - there has to be a British (or Canadian) influence in there somewhere.

What did disturb me, however, was the trailer for The Dark is Rising film. What the hell have they done to it? The lead boy is now an American, Merriman Lyon has shrunk a little (I love Ian McShane but he's too damn short) and the Old Ones have weird and wonderful supernatural powers? Not the last time I read the books.
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If you ever get the chance to go see Scissor Sisters live, go. They are absolutlely amazing and do one of the best live shows I've ever seen! Including getting to see a lot more of Jake Shears than I was expecting :-D

Plus The O2 is cool as well - I especially like The Beach there - a whole pile of palm trees and sand with live music (and not horrifically expensive drinks). You sit in deck chairs and just kick back and relax. The acoustics in the main arena are amazing and there don't seem to be any bad seats. I'm thinking of looking to see if there's anything happening at New Years - 'cause it looks like it would be a really good venue.
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There is nothing nicer than being able to get up late on your birthday - especially when you've taken the day off work. I'm having a nice relaxing day, sitting on my sofa, reading books and just relaxing. Tonight I'm meeting up with my parents in Kingston for a meal and to watch Ocean's 13 (funny how that plan met with approval from my stepmother :-) ).

Tomorrow various folks should be coming over to mine for a celebration (assuming road conditions and public transport allow) which will be good. And contrary to most celebrations, I will not be consuming large quantities of alcohol - this has not been a week where that would be a good idea.
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There are times when I have absolutely no will power.

I went onto ticketmaster to book a ticket to see Prince and have also booked one to see Scissor Sisters. And all because the ticketmaster website wasn't working properly and I found the Scissor Sisters page on the way to booking the Prince ticket. :-)


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