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So it looks as though the squatter bloke is back - I saw him going into the flat next door on Friday night and it looks as though he's storing his stuff underneath the stairs.

It really would be nice to feel safe in my own flat.
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As if having the entirety of the road structure around the flat dug up between the hours of 8pm to 6am wasn't enough this week, turns out there's going to be a crew here on Thursday and Friday filming interior and exterior shots at one of the flats in the complex.  They're going to be here between 12:30pm to 10:30pm with the vehicles etc arriving and leaving outside these times.  Guess I'm going to have fun trying to get in and out of the complex on Thursday.

So has anyone heard of this show?  It's called "The Time of Your Life". I've done a quick search for it but can't find anything that looks as though it would be relevant.
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Flat-warming/ [livejournal.com profile] d_morff's birthday on August 5th (i.e. this Saturday).

Address: 17 Wheatcroft Court, Cleeve Way, Sutton, SM1 3TT (see here for a map).

For those of you attempting to get to my flat by public transport, it's not too bad:

From Egham direction, get to Wimbledon station and then take bus 164 to Rose Hill (it's final destination is Sutton).

From Vauxhall, either get to Wimbledon station and then take bus 164 to Rose Hill OR take the Northern Line to Morden and then either take bus 154 (from stops C or G) or bus 164 (from stops B and E).

For those of you driving to the flat, I'm assuming you'll be coming from the Egham direction. See under the cut for directions.
Directions from Egham )

If you want to bring other people, please let me know first. There is some crash space available, but if you have camping mats you might want to bring them 'cause the whole flat is wood-laminate flooring :-) If you need to get hold of me, send an email to turtledisc at gmail dot com
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So the ceilings in my flat have been painted and the rooms are currently being done (apparently the two bedrooms, the hall and the main bathroom look good, the en-suite is a little bland and the living room / kitchen is in progress). All my boxes are in (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] doris, [livejournal.com profile] shadowjon, [livejournal.com profile] xwingredleader and [livejournal.com profile] wychboy and my parents) and the furniture will be moved in this weekend (again thanks to the same set of people).

As of Monday, I'll be able to access the internet, store food in cold or freezing temperatures and wash clothes without needing a sink (in other words, BT are coming in to get the phone line done and my fridge freezer and washer-dryer will be arriving). Oh yeah, and my mother will be arriving in amongst the middle of all that.

Then next week we get to move the final set of my stuff (clothes, dvds, cds, computers etc) and unpack everything else. And buy some more furniture to fill up any space I have left :-)

After all the hassle and stress to get to this point, it's really nice that everything is finally coming together - especially as the bank aren't taking my first mortgage payment until August :-)
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Got the keys to my flat yesterday - relatively painless although the estate agent did try to be a pain again and delay when I could get the keys. Unfortunately for them, I wasn't taking any of their crap so told them when I would be in to get them.

We moved some boxes in, turned on the water (and proceeded to find a leak in the kitchen) and electricity. Dad's in doing the ceilings for the rest of this week and then will do the walls next week.

The remaining boxes will be moved this weekend (there's about two transit van loads left) and then furniture the weekend after (another two van loads). I have one confirmed offer of help so I really would appreciate it if anyone else could help out.

I've taken some photos - go here to see them.
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Just got a phone call from my solicitor and we will be exchanging on the flat with a view to complete on 27th June. I am now definitely bouncing around the place :-D
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So I've just found out that my offer on the flat has been accepted. Now to get very nervous while the process is completed.

Please excuse any manic behaviour on my part for the next few weeks :-)


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